Born: 1990 in Luxembourg

Home: Innsbruck, AT

Ben is not only the latest addition to our team but also responsible for the SQUADRA CLIMBING HOLDS distribution in Luxembourg.

His dad took him climbing, the moment Ben could walk. That's why he early on had the chance to spend time climbing in a variety of  areas from Yosemite to Paklenica. 

A visit at Dolomites left a deep impresssion with him in an early age - and until today this is the most beautiful place for climbing to him.

He loves eating out, going to the movies, reading a good book, going for a drink or coffee with friends and reading trough climbing guides.


Six words, six statements:
CLIMBING: location, location, location! /// ROCK: what else? /// COMPS: impressive /// PLANET EARTH: we only understand what we got when it's gone /// POLITICS: too many statements - too little concepts /// MOTTO: semper farcissimus


Favourite home areas:


Six of my favourite places:
Summits /// Yosemite /// handcracks /// Körner /// home /// my portaledge


Four things that suck:
In climbing: rappelling, core shots, bad anchors, stuck haulbags


One word describes...
BOULDERING: I mostly sit on the pads watching /// ROUTES: size matters /// PLASTIC: squadra holds and friends make it reasonable /// ALPINISM: commitment /// NO CLIMBING: ...


Three things a woman/man should do:
If anyone knew that, it would be easy.


Goals for the future:
Oh so secret ...


Final statement:
Go climb a rock.