Carlos Catari


Why I’m a Router Setter? Route Setting is part of my climbing life –  it’s an evolution of my sports career. Once, a climbing gym represented a place just for training to me, but now it is a place where I express my creativity and try different styles. It`s a learning experience to set a variety of difficulties for different climbing approaches and adapt problems that challenge people. Working with empathy is my goal, because  seeing climbers dealing and solving my boulder problems is magic. That’s my source of  inspiration and I feel happy being part of their climbs.


Chef Route Setter and Technical Director of various events and climbing festivals.

Favourite home area

Albarracin and Rodellar, last was my living town for 2 years

Six words, six statements

CLIMBING: forever/  ROCK: inspiration  /  COMPS:  fun  /  PLANET EARTH: We need to take care!  /  POLITICS: We can live without them. We don’t need them. Unnecessary. /  MOTTO: love

Six of my favourite places

Fontainebleau, Albarracin, Siurana, Caribean beach, mountains and Rodellar

Things that suck

Lies and arrogance

One word describes …

BOULDERING: passion  /  ROUTES: endurance  /  PLASTIC: creative, training and fun  /  ALPINISM: hard and beautiful views  /  NO CLIMBING: I suppose for some injury.

Three things a woman/man should do

Never stop loving, travel a lot and never grow up

Goals for the future

To enjoy life!

Final statement

Kiss and see you soon