Marí Alarcón

MARÍ ALARCÓN was born in 1988 in a little town in Valencia (Spain) called Chiva.

I have always been attracted to extrem sports, but I didn’t know nothing about the world of climbing, I did not even know it existed, until one day, when I was 18 years old, a good friend took me to climb and I felt madly in love with this sport. Within the time it became my passion, my life and my world.

Shortly after I started climbing, I started competing in block mode and that’s how I got to know my inner self . Until today I’m still addicted to competition, I love to try every time and fight to keep my goals.

I currently live in Catalonia, in Lleida, the paradise of Climbing! Inbetween training, competitions and work I go rock climbing.

First of all I want to say


Favourite home area

Very difficult to answer; there are so many …

Six words, six statements

CLIMBING: my golden thread  /  CLIMBING: life  /  ROCK: travelling, freedom  /  PLANET EARTH: important  /  POLITICS: not important  /  MOTTO: enjoy, smile

Six of my favourite places

Magic Wood, Frankenjura, Albarracín, Santalinya and wherever my friends are and I can climb

Four things that suck


One word describes …

BOULDERING: always up to the limit  /  ROUTES: flying, resistance, mental struggle  /  PLASTIC: fun, training, creativity  /  ALPINISM: not for me /  NO CLIMBING: never

Three things a woman/man should do

Grow up and never give up!

Final statement

Fight for your dreams!