About us

SQUADRA CLIMBING HOLDS was founded by Nando Plötzeneder, Reini Fichtinger and Gerhard Hörhager.

We got started in 2010 in Tyrol, Austria. Deeply rooted in the rock climbing and competition scene, the three of us decided to make climbing holds that express our vision of climbing.

OUR VISIONshape to inspire

Squadraholds are creative tools.

When designing Squadraholds, our goal is a shape that inspires flowing movement. Squadraholds cover a wide range of shapes, from the smallest crimp for slabs to very big slopers. Squadravolumes allow modern, three-dimensional routesetting and define the style of a wall. By choosing Squadraholds, you equip yourself with all you need for creative routesetting.

What all Squadraholds and Volumes have in common is that they are made with high-end problems and routes in mind. Watching the world’s best compete on Squadraholds is what inspires us to create exciting new shapes.

  • Gerry

    Gerry has been climbing passionately for more than 30 years and is constantly on a search for new lines that have seemed out of reach before. He grew up at Zillertal but his current hometown is Innsbruck. Besides the colaborations with his sponsors, Gerry has been working as a mountain and freeride guide as well as an instructor for avalanche safety camps. www.diggl.at

  • Reini

    Reini Fichtinger was born in 1975 in Zwettl, Austria. This is where he began climbing the granite walls at the age of 13. Besides of working with his sponsors, Reini is a well-respected route-setter for climbing-gyms as well as for national and international competitions. He has been working as a photographer for a number of climbing-magazines.


  • Nando

    Nando was raised in Hall, close to Innsbruck. This is where he finished his degree in engineering. He has been a professional snowboarder for many years, travelled around the world to visit as many resorts as possible and participated on national and international competitions.