Markus Bock

Fotos: © Klaus Kranebitter

MARKUS BOCK  Born in 1979, lives in Bamberg. Markus began climbing in 1985 in the Northern Frankenjura near his home. At age 15, he climbed his first 5.12 (8+) by doing the classic “Fight Gravity”. It only took two more years, and he climbed his first 5.14b (11-) with “Burn 4 You”. In 1997, he climbed Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hide (11-). In 2005 he became the 8th climber to repeat the Wolfgang Güllich route “Action Directe” (5.14d/9a).

In 2006 he did the first ascent of Corona, (9a/9a+ or 11/11+) in the Northen Frankenjura. At the time it might have been Germany’s most difficult rock climb, and one of the world’s hardest. The same year, he repeated „Shangri-La“ and by doing so had climbed every single route harder than 10/5.13d/8b in the Frankenjura – at time there 170 routes on the list. le Routen der UIAA-Grades 10 und schwerer in der Fränkischen Schweiz zu klettern. Besides his climbs in the Frankenjura he has repeated numerous hard routes around the globe, among them Biographie (8c+), in France, and „24h Party People“ (8c+) in Margalef in Spain. With „Gossip“ (2002) and „Montecore“ (2005) he has done two 8C boulders.