Kilian Fischhuber

"CLIMBING: pretty challenging!"

"CLIMBING: my motivation!"

Fotos: © Reini Fichtinger

KILIAN FISCHHUBER  Born in 1983 in Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Austria. Kilian now lives in Innsbruck. He began climbing at age 12. Kilian is the most successful competition boulderer of all times. Since he has retired from competitions, he has finished his studies to become a teacher, worked as a routesetter, and climbed hard routes, long and short, all over the world.

First of all I want to say


Favourite home area

Zillertal: Bergstation, Schwarze Wand

Six words, six statements

CLIMBING: my golden thread  /  CLIMBING: my motivation  /  CLIMBING: pretty challenging  /  PLANET EARTH: 5 to 12  /  POLITICS: kills  /  MOTTO: having fun

Six of my favourite places

Rocklands, Arco, Southern France, my birthplace, Innsbruck, anywhere near the ocean

Four things that suck

1. Doing dishes, 2. doing laundry, 3. vacuum cleaning, doing 1, 2 and 3 with a hang over

One word describes …

BOULDERING: red finger tips  /  ROUTES: pulsating forearms  /  PLASTIC: comps  /  ALPINISM: wow!  /  NO CLIMBING: not yet

Three things a woman/man should do

Grow up, stay a child, find the right balance

Goals for the future

Finish studies

Final statement

Don’t take life too serious!