Rannveig Aamodt

"NO CLIMBING: you gotta kill me first!"

Fotos: © Nathan Welton (nathanweltonphoto.com) & Terje Aamodt (www.terjeaamodt.com)

RANNVEIG AAMODT  Born 1984. Home Norway. Rannveig was born on an ancient Viking farm in the woods of Norway, spent her youth exploring the nearby forests and streams, and began climbing in her late teens. She progressed steadily until 2012, when a 50 foot ground fall nearly claimed her life in Turkey. She broke both ankles, her hip, her elbow and her back. Within 3 months she was walking again, and within a year she had climbed the 6 hardest lines of her life. Rannveig loves animals, yoga, photography, and good espresso.


Favourite home area

Home is where my heart is. If I follow my heart, I’m at my favorite place at all times.

Six words, six statements

CLIMBING: as Petter Wessel Zapffe once said “as meaningless as life itself, therefore its magic will never die”  /  ROCK: & roll  /  COMPS: Gold  /  PLANET EARTH: Our Mother, take care of her …  /  POLITICS: a necessary evil  /  MOTTO: keep smiling and do little things in a big way.

Six of my favourite places

In the mountains, on the back of my horse, Yosemite, Flatanger, Zion, the Rocky Mountains, Indian Creek, Thailand, Zillertal, Fontainebleau, everywhere that brings me into adventures!  Woops, too many, hehe!

Things that suck

Lack of love, prejudice, mankind’s destruction of animals and nature

One word describes …

BOULDERING: I love it  /  ROUTES: My Passion  /  PLASTIC: Training  /  ALPINISM: Magic  /  NO CLIMBING: you gotta kill me first ;)

Three things a woman/man should do

Work on being the best version of your self, explore your potential, make love

Goals for the future

Follow my own path

Final statement

You’ll love Squadra!!