"ROCK: amazing to be at!"

"Climb as often as possible!"

Fotos: © Reini Fichtinger

KATHARINA SAURWEIN  Born in 1987, lives in Innsbruck. It all began on a saturday in June 1995, at the sports science campus of the University of Innsbruck. 
She saw a climbing wall for the first time. And because you should always try everything, she put the harness on and started upwards. Once on top, all she wanted was do another route, and she was hooked on climbing ever since.

She began training with Reinhold Scherer and Rupert Messner and competed soon after. She won the youth world championships in Imst in 2006. Two years later, she won her first Bouldering World Cup. In recent years, she has been doing more more and more climbing outside, and is particularly adept in highball bouldering. “I go outside to discover new rocks. I try to develop as a climber and find new challenges.” 
Other hobbies are her sports studies, mandalas, reading and learning Dutch.


First of all I want to say

Klettern ist genial: man ist in der Natur, es gibt die unglaublichsten Felsformen, jeder Griff und jede Bewegung ist einzigartig, man ist mit Freunden unterwegs, …

Favourite home area

Zillertal, Galtür, Niederthai

Six words, six statements

CLIMBING: my life  /  ROCK: amazing to be at  /  COMPS: always a challenge  /  PLANET EARTH: thanks for the rocks!  /  POLITIC: not my topic  /  MOTTO: Climb as often as possible

Six of my favourite places

Zillertal, Galtür, Piburgersee, irgendwo mitten in einer Wand, bei Freunden, mein Bett

Four things that suck

Smoking, being injured, to sit inside when the weather is good, meat

One word describes …

BOULDERING: amazing  /  ROUTES: nice variation  /  PLASTIC: training  /  ALPINISM: challenge  /  NO CLIMBING: sucks

Three things a woman/man should do

1. stand up, 2. pack the gear, 3. go climb outside

Goals for the future

I’ll continue the competitions and I’ll try to push my limits on the rocks.

Final statement

Why are you reading this – go climbing!