Jacopo Larcher

"Do what you love. Love what you do."

Fotos: © Klaus Dell’Orto

JACOPO LARCHER  Born in South Tyrol, where he grew up. Jacopo came to Innsbruck to study. He had started out as a competition climber, but slowly but surely veered towards hard trad and multipitch climbing. Besides some good results in competitions, Jacopo has repeated Rhapsody (8c+), one of the world’s hardest trad routes, as well a free ascent of El Nino (8a+) on El Capitan.

Jacopo loves how diverse the challenges you find in the world of rock climbing are. When he is not traveling the world, he works as a routesetter in gyms and competition.

First of all I want to say


Favourite home area


Six words, six statements

CLIMBING: my way to discover this planet and myself  /  ROCK:  where else?  /  COMP: it was a way …  /  PLANET EARTH: Keep it safe!  /  POLITICS: important, but it drives to often to corruption

Six of my favourite places

Rocklands, Ceuse, Catalunya, Dolomites, Southern France, my car

Four things that suck

Arrogance, rainy days, corruption, house cleaning

One word describes …

BOULDERING: hanging out with friends in good places  /  ROUTES: the best way to pump your forearms and be really happy at the end  /  PLASTIC: a good way to have more fun on rock  /  ALPINISM: the future  /  NO CLIMBING: sucks!

Three things a woman/man should do

Respect others, find her/his way to the happiness, laugh

Goals for the future

To keep on travelling and climbing around the world and finish my studies ;)

Final statement

Do what you love. Love what you do.