Gerhard Hörhager

"ROCK: n’ Roll!"

Fotos: © Reini Fichtinger

GERHARD HÖRHAGER  Born in 1968 in Innsbruck. He grew up in the little village Ginzling/Dornauberg, and the Berliner Hütte in the Zillertal Alps. At the moment, he goes back and forth between his flat in Innsbruck and the Diggl Farm.
 After growing up in the mountains, Gerhard started climbing at age 14. For some years, from 1988 to the mid-nineties, he competed internationally.

Climbing has remained a central piece in Gerhard’s life:  “I like nature, discovering new places, environments, and climbs, and the time spent together with friends and the people I encounter. I am also intrigued by the athletic aspect: the moment in which you understand what’s possible, when you work and give everything.”

First of all I want to say

Hallo …

Favourite home area

Zillertal, Rofan, Schleierwasserfall

Six words, six statements

CLIMBING: part of my life  /  ROCK: n’ Roll  /  COMPS: in the past, many years ago  /  PLANET EARTH: we should do everything to protect mother earth   /  POLITICS: important, but often influenced by corruption  /  MOTTO: what goes around comes back around

Six of my favourite places

Mountains, beaches, Diggl (our farm), on the back of a horse, a steep cave whit Tufas, Sauna

Four things that suck

right-wing extremism, pollution, terrorism, war

One word describes …

BOULDERING: hard moves  /  ROUTES: climbing  /  PLASTIC: training  /  ALPINISM: adventure, challenging  /  NO CLIMBING: hard to immagine

Three things a woman/man should do

Love, peace, happiness

Goals for the future

work with Squadra

Final statement

Habedieehre …